Rhymes, lines, and waste of time

It’s been a while
But I am still here
Trying to breathe
Trying to live
Things aren’t going well
But I am getting by
I get tired of all the crap
That I get from life
Yet somehow I still manage
To wake up everyday
And ignore all the damage
I still find reasons to go on
And rise up through the wreckage
This life is not easy, I know
People say that every single day
But should I give up? Heck, no!
There’s always going to be a better day
I have no idea
On what I am trying to say
I haven’t written in so long
I just type what goes in my brain
This isn’t making any sense, is it?
This doesn’t mean a thing
I just like the clicking of my keyboard
As I stare at the screen
There’s just nothing to say
About what’s going on with me
Same old thing every day
Life’s just pretty boring
I try to spice things up
Yet, at the last minute I give up
I go back to my old routine
Nothing new, not so much
I’m still not making sense, am I?
You must be getting bored
Stop reading and save your eyes
From this silly little poem
I just want to write right now
Say anything I please
But trust me I don’t know how
To tell you how I feel
Maybe I’m just really messed up
That I couldn’t say anything right
Okay I will just end this
Before I ran out of rhymes
I apologize if you read this
Sorry for wasting your time


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