Once Upon A February

This is an excerpt from a short story I am (trying) to write. It’s not much but I just want to share a piece of how my mind works. And please, wish me luck on finishing all of them 🙂




I jumped out of bed when I noticed that I wasn’t in my room. Of course, I wasn’t. I’m in a hotel. With him. I wasn’t supposed to fall asleep. I can’t remember how I did in the first place. I remember looking down at him, sleeping like a prince. And I remember wanting to kiss him then.

When I looked to my side, he wasn’t there. I saw two trays by the small table, untouched. But where was he? I went to the bathroom but he wasn’t there either. I decided to wash my face. Good thing I was from a party yesterday so my toothbrush was with me. I didn’t think he’d like a morning breath to greet him. When I was through fixing myself, I went over to the table. The food were untouched but there was a torn page from a notebook with a note.

You look stunning while you sleep. But not as stunning when you smile. Good morning beautiful.

I smiled. Who wouldn’t smile with a note like that? And okay, because it’s him who wrote me that. But where was he? I put on my shoes but when I was about to open the door, he opened it from the other side. And once again, he was holding a bouquet of flowers. A smaller one this time.

“Morning,” he said grinning widely at me. He might’ve noticed that I look like about to leave because he looked surprised. “You’re leaving?”

“No,” I replied quickly. “I was going to look for you.”

“Ahh…” he sounded relieved. “These are for you,” he said again and handed me the bouquet.

“Do you want me to start a flower shop?” He was used to me being sarcastic most of the time.

“Oh come on!” he exclaimed. “I had trouble paying for this!”

He didn’t sound offended. I laughed. “Thank you.”

“It’s 16 today,” he said smiling again. “Happy Special Friend’s Day.”

I took the flowers and hugged them to my chest. I forgot about the whole Special Friends Day. I didn’t even realize it was the 16th already. “Thanks.” Then gave him a hug. “Happy Special Friend’s Day.”

“I hope you weren’t going to leave. I want to have breakfast with you. I didn’t prepare that but at least eat with me?”

I smiled and nodded.


“Promise?” he kept asking me to promise him that I’ll be back. I told him that I have to go home for a while so I can shower and change clothes.

“How many times do I have to say yes?” I said raising an eyebrow at him. “I’m not gonna take long.” Because I want to spend as much time with you as possible, I said in my head.

“Okay okay,” he finally surrendered.

“I’ll be back before you know it,” I told him, smiling. I stood up and fixed my crumpled dress. I wasn’t prepared for a sleepover so I had to sleep in my party dress. He walked me to the door and I smiled at him. “I promise,” I said before he even said anything.

He laughed. “I didn’t even say anything.”

“Yeah, well, I know you would.”

“You know me too well already,” he replied. “It scares me.”

I laughed, shaking my head. I gave him a hug. I just want to feel him every chance that I get. Was that wrong? I think it kinda is. “Don’t go anywhere, okay? Just wait for me here.”

“Yes, Madam,” he said and saluted.

“Good boy,” I replied, tapping his shoulders. “I’d better go. The sooner I get home, the sooner I can come back.”

He laughed. “We were never good at saying goodbye.”

I gave him one last smile and then slowly dragged myself home.


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