I couldn’t get any clearer with my title on what I will be talking about here. So, let’s talk about love.

Love is such a weird thing. I know I’ve always talked about my relationships or me falling in love but I’ve never really discussed on my idea of love. How I see it. And what it meant to me. Or something along those lines.

I was talking to my sister yesterday about love. Well, it wasn’t really the topic. She was asking me about my love life and I didn’t want to disclose a lot of things about it to her. We don’t really have the ‘close’ type of sibling relationship. And she’s not one of my sisters that I am comfortable sharing personal things with.

Anyway, so she was talking about love. She was asking me if I was already sure about the decisions I am making in my life and love life. I really didn’t answer ’cause that’s one thing I don’t really want to discuss about. So as I stay quiet, she started talking about what love should be like.

She told me that I should find a love that doesn’t just make my day brighter, but also completes it. A love that can make you feel that you’re in the Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth. She said that I should love someone who I am not just willing to live with, but also someone I cannot live without. She told me that I shouldn’t settle for anything less. That if I don’t feel like flying on cloud nine, I shouldn’t get into a relationship. She calls it, finding your one great love.

But that’s her idea of love. My idea maybe different, but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong, right? That’s the thing. Love is so many different things, one person’s definition and idea of it is completely different from another. We can’t say that one person isn’t in love just because the way that they are dealing with it and handling it, varies from how we do it.

My sister can say that maybe I am not in love yet. That this is just a relationship I have because I want to be in a relationship. The whole world can say that this isn’t my great love. That someone else is going to come along. That maybe I am just rushing in to this. They can be true but right now, I know that when I don’t get to talk to him, even just for a little while, my day is dull and incomplete. Every time I get to see him, every time I get to talk to him, it’s like I’m stepping into the gates of Disneyland and staying there. I’m happy when I’m around him. I can see myself living with him and see myself breaking without him. And every single time he tells me those important three words, I am way beyond cloud nine (if there’s such a thing because that’s how happy I am). This may just be a spur of the moment kind of thing. Or that I am just in love with the idea of being in love. I could also be just caught up in the honeymoon phase, as what others would call it. But to me, this is love. It couldn’t be any truer or more real.

This is what love is for me. He is what love is for me.


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