Part 2

It’s  been a whole full month that I haven’t seen her. I miss her eyes that are usually hidden in her glasses. I miss her smile, her laugh, and the way she always makes faces. I miss her pouty face — one thing I have always loved about her. I miss her voice most of all.

I picked up my phone and dropped her a message asking if she’d like to meet up. After a few seconds, she replied with a simple yes. I hurriedly got ready and went to our meeting place. I don’t know why I’m nervous. Maybe because it’s the first time I will see her after a month. I didn’t even think the space I asked for will last this long. I want to know how she is, what has been going on with her. I want to see if everything is still the same between us.

When I arrived at the place, she was already sitting there. She’s wearing a simple white top and jeans. I smiled when I saw her and the next thing I knew, I saw her running towards me with a huge smile on her face.

“Hey baby,” I said when we let go of each other.

She smiled shyly and said, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too. So much. How have you been?” I asked.

She looked at me for a while before replying, “I’m good. You?”

“Same,” I said. We sat down and chatted for a while. She didn’t change one bit and I was glad for it. I teased her and she will pretend to get upset but then we will both laugh. I’m glad that even after a month, nothing changed between us. She was still mine and I hope she can see that I am still hers.

But then her face turned dismal. “I need to go,” she said dejectedly.

“Where? Let me go with you.” I said.

“No,” she replied sharply.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” I reached out for her hand across the table but before I could touch it, she pulled away.

“Stop calling me that,” her voice was coarse. “I’m really happy to see you again. Really, I am. But I’m seeing someone.”

I felt my heart dropped to my stomach. Everything was going well and now she just dropped this bomb on me. She’s seeing someone? It’s only been a month. And technically, we weren’t broken up. How can she be already seeing someone?

“What?” I said absolutely staggered.

“While you were away, I realized something,” her voice was calm and steady but there were tears forming at the rim of her eyes. “You were the best  friend I ever had. And we were so good as friends. Maybe that’s what’s best for us. To be just friends.”

I cannot process what she’s saying. My mind is completely blank and my stomach is in knots. All that’s running through my mind right now is the question how can she be seeing someone?

“I’m sorry,” she said, tears streaming down her face. “I loved you with all my heart but I think we should really just be friends. And I really have to go.” She walked over to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek. “I’ll see you around.” She gave me one last smile and left me there, sitting dumbfoundedly on my chair.

How can she be seeing someone? I asked myself over and over again. Yet somehow, I’m not getting any answers. Because something inside me is saying, she wasn’t telling the truth.


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