Part 4

I arrived just in time. She was walking out the door of the embassy as I was getting out of my car. I called out her name and she instantly saw me waving at her. We both walked over to each other.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“What do you think? I’m getting back my girlfriend,” I smiled at her.

Her cheeks blushed. I just know how much she likes it when I call her my girlfriend.

“I already told you –”

I put my finger on her mouth to stop her from finishing her sentence. “I already know you lied. I knew it the moment you told me about it. And Myra was so kind to confirm it to me today.”

She rolled her eyes and removed my finger from her mouth so she can talk. “That girl. So, I’m assuming she told you everything already. You know why I had to do that. So why are you still here?”

“Because you don’t know my side of the story. You were just assuming things,” I replied. I took her hand and we walked over to my car so we can talk better. When were inside, I began. “You thought I was doing well because I looked better and I am drawing again. But that’s all because of you. Because you weren’t there.”

“Exactly!” she interjected. “You were doing so much better because I wasn’t there.”

I shook my head no. “I gained weight because I kept sleeping to escape reality. In my dreams, I always see you. It was the only place I could be with you. Drawing kept me preoccupied. I had to draw so I won’t have to go insane missing you so much. And those drawings were for you. Those are places I wanted to go with you and moments I want to happen when we’re back together.”

She took a while to reply. Probably processing everything I just said. “If you missed me that much, why didn’t you say anything? Why didn’t you contact me?”

“You missed me too, you said. Why didn’t you contact me?” I returned the question back to her.

“Well!” she said smiling now. “I don’t know if you already want to talk to me.”

“So do I!”

“You know I always want to talk to you,” she replied softly.

I smiled. “Me too, baby.” I reached out for her hand and this time, she didn’t pull away. “So, we’re okay?”

She nodded and then smiled. “But I’m leaving for a few weeks. My visa got approved.”

I just laughed and she raised her eyebrow at me, probably thinking I’ve gone nuts. “Baby, we haven’t talked for a whole month and now you’re thinking a few weeks is going to tear us apart?”

“How should I know!” she exclaimed flinging both her hands in the air. “Maybe I shouldn’t leave? I could just tell my Aunt I didn’t get approved.”

“Go, baby,” I told her. “When you come back, I will be here. And we can always Skype while you’re there. We’ll make it work for a few weeks.” She wasn’t saying anything and just drawing circles on my hand with her thumb. “What?”

“Nothing,” she replied glumly. “It’s just… it’s like the space thing all over again.”

I smiled at her and said, “So? We’re together now, aren’t we? Everything turned out fine like I told you then.” She nodded. “And.. like what I said during the space thing, I am always yours. No matter what.”

She leaned over to me and kissed me on the lips. “As I am yours.”

I touched her cheek lightly and then whispered, “I love you.” Without another word, we kissed each other once more.


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