Three-day rule

I read a quote somewhere that says, when you truly love someone, you can’t stay mad at him/her for more than three days.

Thinking back now, this is probably true. He and I always have these fights and arguments. Sometimes we would make up the same day but sometimes we would have to sleep mad at each other. Yet the next day, we would be back to normal, saying our apologies, and things will get back to normal.

Perhaps when you truly love someone, going through a day knowing that you’re mad at each other makes it so difficult. Somehow, you’re so used to having this person all the time that the thought of a petty fight ruining your relationship is just so bizarre. Loving someone truly also meant forgiving. It’s knowing that he’s not perfect and so are you. That these arguments are part of a relationship and they actually helps in making it stronger. Simply put, when it comes to love, you just forgive and forget.

We’ven been back to normal just right after a day. Because missing each other was definitely more than that hate we felt for each other when we had the stupid fight. I’m sure there will be more arguments or disagreements in the future (not that I am hoping for that) but knowing that we love each other this much, I’m pretty certain that we’ll never go mad at each other for more than three days.


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