#wANNEderlust: Angeles City, Pampanga


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I am always looking forward to the weekend, hoping for something like this to happen. What I thought was just a simple visit to a nearby church for Sunday mass turned out to be a two-hour drive to Angeles City, Pampanga.

It was a bit raining on the way there and there was still a very light rain shower in Pampanga when we arrived. Nonetheless, it wasn’t a big deal for us not to enjoy the old churches that we visit. First stop was Apung Mamacalulu Shrine. There wasn’t any mass there but we were able to come up to Apung Mamacalulu and prayed our hearts our and light some candles. It was a very solemn place and my heart was beating weirdly while I was there. I hope it’s a good sign.

Next one was the Holy Rosary Parish, just a few blocks from Apung Mamacalulu. This is where we heard the mass. It was also an old church and we also lit some candles and prayed.

Before heading home, we had dinner at Doray Ihaw Ihaw.  I wasn’t able to take much pictures of the whole place because we were starving and my ‘trying to be artsy’ shoes photos didn’t do the place much justice hahaha. The food was good, if only the barbecue was easier to eat 😁

The road trip was definitely one for the books but the thing that I always treasure every time we go out is the laughter we share inside the car. No breathtaking location can suffice the fun we have when we’re all together on the road.


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