You turned off the lights
And slowly lay on top of me
And then I felt your warm hands
Run down every inch of my being
You slid your hand inside my shirt
And passionately touch my chest
I feel my heart racing inside me
You keep touching me with each breath
I reached for your top
And took it off your body
The warm feel of your skin
Sends shivers inside me
You start kissing my lips
As your hand stayed on my chest
Then your kisses went to my neck
You know my weak spot best
I feel you taking off my blouse
And unclipping my bra from behind
As you kiss me here and there
You’re blowing out my mind
A few more touches and kisses
And we’re both finally bare
The warmth of our bodies against each other
Nothing can compare
Your slow kisses and sucking on my chest
Just really drives me crazy
As one of your hand slide down there
I feel myself twisting and turning
I am lost with every kiss and touch
As you slowly went inside
You pushed it in with so much care
I feel no pain, just pure desire
With every move you make
Matched with kisses on my skin
Both my eyes stay closed
As you get deeper within
I make subtle noises
And you quite me down with more kisses
After so many years
I now know what I’m missing
The way that our bodies become one
Is way beyond words
I can never describe
How you are rocking my world
As your movements get faster
I knew what was coming
And I want you to fill me in
With everything that’s coming
At last, it was all out
I feel the warmth inside me
You gave me one more kiss
As you slowly get off me
My heart was still racing
Even after we were through
The adrenaline I was feeling
Was all because of you
They say the first time is painful
It might make you bleed and cry
But what just happened with us
Just made me feel so high
I snuggled up next to you
Both of us still undressed
This night was one of the best
Something that I can never forget
I closed my eyes and rested
As I feel the beating of your chest
We left the lights still off
And we both went to bed


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