The Reason

I remembered you once asked me before why I’ve never written anything for you when it was so easy for me to write things for those before you. I couldn’t tell you the reason then. But today, while I was taking a soothing shower, it hit me. I haven’t written much about you or how I feel about you because there are no particular words that can suffice all that I feel or have for you.

I can never describe how deep my love goes for you. I can never put into words just how happy I am that I have someone like you in my life. I can never tell you and give justice to the feeling that grows inside me each and every day that we are together.

It was easy to express my feelings for the rest because they were petty feelings, immature love, and nothing but mere affection. Whatever I have and feel for you is something stronger — something more real — that no word in the English language, or any language, can ever explain. That is why, I can’t write anything for you.


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