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I feel like that the week that just had passed is the longest week of my life!

I just had a trainee and the first week is always the hardest part. Too many meetings (long ones if I should add) and a whole lot of explaining to do. I have to keep reminding myself to be a little more patient as they have no idea what to do. Somehow, that’s how I get through.

I was so glad for the weekends! I went out on Saturday to buy some things. I bought a new flat shoes (love it)! and a few other things (like sticky notes). Then today, I decided to keep it cool, relax, and chill.

My sister was here earlier. Talks and just hanged out outside, feeling the cool breeze of the summer day; with my dog barking on the side, trying to get my attention to give her attention.

Then, it was time for church — thus, the photo. I’m not going to work today. I have made that decision earlier as I feel like it’s going to be another long week for me. So for now, I need my me time, maybe play some Sims 4, and just enjoy the remaining hours of my Sunday night.

my Twitter feed. There aren’t that much. Just a bunch of quotes, cute pictures of dogs, and a few updates or whatnot from my ‘friends.’

my second Sunday Currently! I was thinking about it all day. I keep wondering if I’ll be able to write something tonight as there’s really nothing exciting. But here I am, and I am happy!

dogs barking (or crying/howling) outside. I think it’s our neighbor’s dogs. I wonder what they are crying/howling it at/about.

of nothing in particular. There’s a whole lot of thought going inside my head and I have no specific one worth mentioning here. I feel like I’m actually thinking of what to type in next. The rest of my thoughts are in the back of my mind, whispering ever so quietly as I go about this post

a bit of my fiancé’s deodorant. He left the bottle of his deodorant as my request and time to time, I spray it on the shirt he also left for as my request. It gives me the feeling of when he was here. I feel comfortable in that smell. I feel happy. I feel his love just by that tiny bit of smell. I sprayed it a couple of days ago, I think, and there’s still some tiny bit of smell circling my room right now.

I do not feel pain later tonight. I just got my period today and every time that I get that, I am almost always in pain because of my dysmenorrhea. I have to keep taking pain relievers. Sometimes, I faint. Most of the time, I just can’t do anything other than roll in bed, because of the searing pain in my abdomen. And I am wishing for nothing like that this time around.

for lesser fights. I actually just thought of that. Lately, my fiancé and I have been fighting/arguing over silly things. Most of it because of me. But he has a fair share of the matter. I expect him to do something and when he doesn’t, I get hurt. But he doesn’t see that. And I can’t blame him. I really don’t want to go into details because I feel like it requires a whole new different post altogether.

my normal, everyday clothes. A white top with a winter-y design with my red shorts.

the bra I am wearing hahaha. I recently bought it from Avon and I just completely love the design and the way that it hugs my chest in a very comfortable way. It was well worth the money!

to eat something. It’s a good thing I went out to buy some chips (Crispy Patata) which I will eat after I finish this post 😄

money! Not because I have so many things to buy or anything, but because I started this lending business with my fiancé and there are so many borrowers now. We’re running out of resources. We did not anticipate this kind of patronage!

excited for no apparent reason. I get that once in a while. Usually during Fridays because I feel giddy and excited about what the weekends will bring. But today is a Sunday and tomorrow is going to be a hellish Monday so I’m not too sure what I am anticipating here haha. Maybe there’s something exciting going to happen to conclude my weekend! Oh, let’s wait and see! (Most probably, it’s just a feeling. I shouldn’t get my hopes up hahaha)

Wasn’t a very wasted day (or weekend even) for me. But tomorrow, I’m back in the reality that is ‘work.’ I’m already feeling sleepy just by the thought of it!

How did your Sunday (or week) went, loves? 🙂

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