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The Sunday Currently Vol. 3 | Celebration


I wasn’t able to post my Sunday Currently last week ūüė¶ I was stuck at my sister’s place and I was so tired then (from watching Beauty and the Beast) so I couldn’t bring myself to write. But, here I am now so yay!

I had (yet another!) long week previously. Meetings from Monday to Friday! I was so glad for the weekends. My sisters came over to celebrate my Dad’s birthday as well as their wedding anniversary. A simple lunch out and then that’s it.

Today is also my one year and three months with my¬†fianc√©. He’s not around much though ūüė¶ His uncle and auntie are over at their place so he doesn’t really have the time and place to talk. I would be lying if I say that it doesn’t make me sad one bit but what can I do? I do wish he was around. Even just for tonight before we sleep. It’s our monthsary, after all.

nothing. I was reading a listing that I was planning to check but then gave up eventually. I didn’t¬†have enough sleep last night so I feel like I can’t really check anything from work today.

my third Sunday Currently! Even with a tiny bit of headache and little sleepiness, I am trying to manage!


to my fan and the clicking of my keyboard.¬†I¬†can feel that this isn’t going to be a very interesting entry for Sunday Currently haha


of what to do next after writing this. I want to maybe play a little bit of Sims 4 and wait for some miracle for my fiancé to say he will call. He said he will try if he has the time and place.

nothing in particular. My room smells like nothing. Plain. Dull. Boring.

my fianc√© will call me tonight.¬†Like I said, it’s our 15th monthsary today and all I really want is for him to be around. It’s so hard to not talk to him at night. I have gotten so used to it that when things like this happen, it takes all of me not to feel sad about it. But I am. Because it’s our monthsary and I wish he was here ūüė¶

for a miracle.¬†That miracle being that my fianc√© finds the time and place to call me. I do hope he can call me in bed. We usually stay on call while we’re both in bed, until we’re both feeling sleepy. But since today he’s got his uncle sleeping with him, that is unlikely to happen. So here I am, hoping for some kind of miracle…

my normal, everyday clothes.¬†A white top with a winter-y design with my black¬†shorts. I can’t believe I am wearing the same top I was wearing last Sunday Currently. I am also wearing my hair in a ponytail. Because it’s currently very hot!

my Sunday Currently photo.¬†I¬†don’t know why. I just do, okay? I feel like it’s so artsy-fartsy and it’s in very good DSLR-like quality. Thank you iPhone SE! Haha

this tiny headache to go away.¬†Like I’ve mentioned, I’m having this tiny bit of headache. I think it’s because of lack of sleep last night. I should take my medicines before it becomes unbearable. Also, I should eat. I am feeling hungry!

sleep!¬†I could not sleep well last night (as I have been mentioning). My sisters stayed the night and I had to sleep with my sister who snores! It’s not the noise that keeps me up, it’s the snoring itself. It just annoys me from some weird reason and I couldn’t sleep for such a long time. I went to be at aroudng 9 p.m. but up until 1 a.m., I was still wide awake! And then, their puppy woke me up at 6 in the morning. I can’t be mad at a puppy though, especially since he’s super cute. I just tried to sleep again but only managed a couple more hours of shut eyes huhu

sad and lonely (for reason already mentioned). I miss him. I wish he was here.

That’s all folks! How was your Sunday?


Original link-up by siddathornton

UPDATE: He called me! My Sunday was complete!


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