It scares me to think
that we just might be too different


7 thoughts on “

      1. Sometimes differences fade overtime. And actually being too similar can be just as troublesome. I have decided to believe in the love. To let the rest happen and to take it a day at a time. We will celebrate our individuality because somehow, regardless of our differences. It just works. If it works today, whats to say it wont still work in the future. Have faith in the Love!!

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      2. Thank you! It might just be the cynical me talking. I tend to sabotage my relationships because of it. I, too, believe in love. And I do know he’s worth it. I just sometimes feel like I might be too blinded because of love. But yeah, you’re right. It’s been working for so long now. I shouldn’t think it won’t work for more years to come 🙂

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