Mission Impossible

I’m Tom Cruise’s partner and we’re both some sort of agent who does something; I don’t even know what to be exact. But we have the agent-like/spy-like skills. Just like how it is in a Mission Impossible movie.

We were also sort of together. It wasn’t very clear what exactly was going on between us but we were close. I don’t remember if he was officially my boyfriend then but there was definitely something more between us aside from just being partners.

After some fight scenes and getting something from who knows what, we were going to the boss. I don’t know for what reason again. But we were there, sitting together, waiting for our turn to meet the boss. There’s a biscuit that I told Tom not to eat but he did anyway. There was still another biscuit and I told him that if he eats it again, it’s over between us. Both for the partnership and whatever it was going on between us. Teasingly, he still ate it, thinking I was just joking about the whole ‘ending it between us’ thing. But before he can finish the biscuit, I walked out of the room.

I used my spy-like/agent-like skills to get out of the agency and escape the whole thing. There were people running after me because you know, being in an agency like that, you can’t just run away. So when I was at some sort of gate, there was some kind of bad guy who wants to get in the agency. He seems to know that I was an agent there but instead of fighting him, I helped him get in the agency. That way, they were distracted with the bad guy so the chase after me was delayed. There were so many people in the building, both coming in and out. But since I was trained so well, I was able to escape through the crowd. They weren’t able to follow me.

Flash forward, time has passed now. My agent days were long gone and I no longer know what happened to Tom or to the agency. Then I have a friend who’s attending a class. That class happens to have Tom as well. The professor asked something and Tom was able to answer. He talks about how not being able to move on from someone you are very close with, someone you have feelings with, the person who was with you through whatever. When my friend heard this, she called me and told me that Tom was in her class and he was talking about us. How he hasn’t moved on from me and all that romantic jazz.

I didn’t know what happened next. My mom called and I woke up.


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