At the afternoon of 24th September 1993, 11:58 to be exact, a weirdo was born. She was too big for a new born baby but, as what she has gathered from her family, completely adorable. She’s the youngest among five children and she wasn’t even expected. But here she is, 23 years later, trying to write her way out of this messed up world she was born in.

She has a degree in Bachelor of Broadcast Communication. She took up this course because she has this crazy dream of becoming a DJ. At times, she still thinks about that dream and if it’s ever going to happen. But right now, she’s peacefully working from home and earning (sort of) enough to provide for her family and herself.

As the youngest among five children — four girls and a boy — she was often the center of (no, not attention) jokes. She was, more often than not, made fun of by her older siblings. So most of her time, she spend crying herself to sleep or writing about it in her diaries. Growing up, as dramatic as it sounds, her only friends were her pen and notebook.

Aside from writing, she likes reading — mostly Young Adult books like Hunger Games, the ever famous Harry Potter series, The Selection series, and many other too tedious to recall or mention. She plays the guitar — beginner level. She has written songs, mostly from a broken heart. She likes to take pictures — of her food, her family, places she went — and one day hopes to be good at photography. Another item on her bucket list. She sings, too. While she works, after eating, while laying on her couch, in the mall, in the car, basically — a lot. One of her biggest dreams, if it wasn’t obvious, is to publish a book. She’s working on it. On them, actually. So please wish her luck.

She’s never really good at describing herself which you can see in this ‘about me’ section. To sum it all up and to end this shit of a writing, let me just say that she is pretty unique
just like everybody else.