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Fish Out Of Water

I had to go somewhere near my sister’s place. She told me to take her car. Problem is, I know very basic driving. Nevertheless, I took the keys and went out.

The drive was alright. I can’t believe I was doing it! Unfortunately, I made a wrong turn. What was supposed to be a short drive turned out to me being lost in the streets. I saw some people by the corner and decided to ask for directions before getting lost any further. One guy offered to accompany me to guide me. Stupid that I am, I let him in the car.

A few miles and he noticed that my driving wasn’t the best. I told him I just got back from India and I am bit disoriented with the change of directions. He offered to drive instead to take us there faster. Stupid that I am once again, I let him. I sat on the front seat and before we can even go, he tried to reach for the seat belt; or so I thought. To my surprise, he started touching my boob! I slapped his hand and quickly kicked his balls. I kicked him out of the driver’s seat and drove off. Who knew I had such a good defense skills!

Fast forward, I made it to the place. There were a lot of people and I don’t even know what I am doing here. A girl came to me and apparently, she’s my friend. She hugged me and walked with me around the place.

When we went to a lower floor, there was some sort of flooded area. There were stuffed animals floating around. There were lions, tigers, and zebras, just floating around the flooded area. The next thing we knew, one of the zebras stood and tried to chase us! My heart started to race as the girl and I ran for our lives to escape the walking zebra.

When we lost him, we sat by the corner of the flooded area, panting and completely out of breaths. Then to our surprise, another zebra leaped and tried to drown us with water! The whole place was filled with water and we had to swim. I am never good at swimming but my friend held my hand. All I needed to do was to hold my breath to survive.

Coming out of the water, we went to another lower floor. It’s flooded as well but a little less than the previous floor. Two guys were with us then. There were lockers and my friend was trying to get something from one of them. But before that, an old lady came into picture and tried to stop us. She was scolding us, screaming, and looking very scary. I can’t even remember what she was trying to say.

One of the guys took my hand and all four of us escaped the scary old lady. The guy who took my hand locked her in the room and open some sort of chamber where more water came out.

“You just left her there to drown!” I exclaimed.

“She was scaring you weren’t she? She’s a bad person.” he said.

I wasn’t sure how I felt then.

We kept walking and climbing and walking and climbing to get to a higher place. We were at some kind of mountain with wooden steps and all. The whole vicinity was just flooded.

The next thing that happened was that people were coming out of the building in motorboats through the flooded area. We had to find our escape too. Luckily, we found some motorboats but one of them had to be fixed still. My girl friend took one of the working ones and set off; leaving me with just two of the guys. One of the motorboats can fit two people while the broken can fit one.

We scoured the whole place, looking for parts for the motorboat. If we can’t fix it, only two of us can go. We did manage to find some parts but unfortunately, no matter how hard we tried, the parts won’t fit. We had to make a decision.

One of the guy pulled me aside and gave me a piece of paper with a letter P written on it.

“This is for you. You are my best friend. Thank you for loving Peter.” he said.

So apparently, one of the guys who took my hand to save me from the scary lady was my boyfriend or something and was named Peter. Peter and I are a couple.

With his note, I felt like he was saying goodbye and sacrificing. He was letting us go.

I wish I could tell more but the sun was up and I had to get out of bed.

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Mission Impossible

I’m Tom Cruise’s partner and we’re both some sort of agent who does something; I don’t even know what to be exact. But we have the agent-like/spy-like skills. Just like how it is in a Mission Impossible movie.

We were also sort of together. It wasn’t very clear what exactly was going on between us but we were close. I don’t remember if he was officially my boyfriend then but there was definitely something more between us aside from just being partners.

After some fight scenes and getting something from who knows what, we were going to the boss. I don’t know for what reason again. But we were there, sitting together, waiting for our turn to meet the boss. There’s a biscuit that I told Tom not to eat but he did anyway. There was still another biscuit and I told him that if he eats it again, it’s over between us. Both for the partnership and whatever it was going on between us. Teasingly, he still ate it, thinking I was just joking about the whole ‘ending it between us’ thing. But before he can finish the biscuit, I walked out of the room.

I used my spy-like/agent-like skills to get out of the agency and escape the whole thing. There were people running after me because you know, being in an agency like that, you can’t just run away. So when I was at some sort of gate, there was some kind of bad guy who wants to get in the agency. He seems to know that I was an agent there but instead of fighting him, I helped him get in the agency. That way, they were distracted with the bad guy so the chase after me was delayed. There were so many people in the building, both coming in and out. But since I was trained so well, I was able to escape through the crowd. They weren’t able to follow me.

Flash forward, time has passed now. My agent days were long gone and I no longer know what happened to Tom or to the agency. Then I have a friend who’s attending a class. That class happens to have Tom as well. The professor asked something and Tom was able to answer. He talks about how not being able to move on from someone you are very close with, someone you have feelings with, the person who was with you through whatever. When my friend heard this, she called me and told me that Tom was in her class and he was talking about us. How he hasn’t moved on from me and all that romantic jazz.

I didn’t know what happened next. My mom called and I woke up.