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I hate this part right here

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I don’t know what to do or say
Things kept going wrong
We’ve been together for so long
But lately, it’s like we’re fighting every day

It used to be just great
Now I don’t know what’s going on
I can’t always pretend I’m strong
When our love turns into hate

I don’t want us to fall apart
It would be the death of me
So tell me how I should be
Let’s both go back to the start

When everything is just okay
You and I are just happy together
Our love overflowing for each other
Spending time, sharing love, each day

Tell me we’ll be just fine
And that things will be the same as before
Tell me we won’t fight anymore
Tell me you’ll always be mine

We might keep fighting every day
And things can keep going wrong
But we’ve been together for so long
So if you’re staying, then so will I

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To the one who makes my dull days bright
To the one who always makes me feel alright
To the one who knows exactly how to make me smile
Even from a distance of a thousand miles
You are the light of my darkest nights

To the one who has always been there
To the one who always shows he cares
To the one I know I can always rely on
To the one who promised to never make me feel alone
You are my love, you are my home

To the one who will always have my heart
Whether we’re near or oceans apart
To the one who makes me feel loved every single day
Here’s my simple message to you on Valentine’s day
I love you, my darling, forever and always

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Miles Apart

Credits: Google Images

We were two lovers
Trapped in tiny screens
Couldn’t touch each other
There’s always something in between

I wish I could stretch out
My arms to reach you there
But all I can do is wait up
Until we’re finally together

The distance of thousand miles
Can’t really keep us apart
No matter how far we may be
You’ll always be close to my heart