Never Easy

“It’s going to be okay,” he whispered as he held me closer to his chest.

It’s going to be okay, I told myself as I bury my face is his shirt.

Yet somehow, saying these words over and over again doesn’t make anything any easier.


Temporary Separation

© Reader’s Digest


Here we go again
Having to say goodbye
I thought we were done with this
I thought I didn’t have to cry

But yet here we are somehow
Going to be miles away once more
I won’t be in your arms all day
We’ll be apart just like before

We’ve been through this already
But yet it’s never any better
Saying goodbye is never easy
When all I want is to be together

This temporary separation
Is making me sad and blue
I’m going through so much emotions
Thinking I’ll be away from you

I wish I didn’t have to say goodbye
I wish I didn’t have to go away
But yet here we go again
And it breaks my heart that I can’t stay